Just what is the difference between a palindrome and an anagram? Who knew that there was a specific order to use when your description of a noun includes multiple adjectives? When does punctuation go inside of the quotation marks and when does it go outside?  Do you have any idea what a toponym is?  You can order this workbook on or directly from the author through Paypal



Download a set of worksheets about one or more of the 50 states by going HERE.  This is an ongoing project, with the worksheets created in order of their statehood.  Delaware was #1.  So far I have completed 30 states, organized into 3 volumes.  Go to the 50 States Worksheets page to purchase for your personal or classroom use. Stay tuned for more . . .


My favorite poets are those who tell a story in such a way as to make the reader want to think deeply and imagine freely. This book of poetry and prose is about everyday things and relationships, and how our interaction with God influences our perception of life.  My hope is that, in the reading, you will find yourself drawing closer to the One who created you and loves you. You can purchase my two poetry books HERE. Take advantage of the special website launch price breaks!



Liz Kimmel--Author and Educator

I earned a BA in Elementary Education at Bethel College in St. Paul, MN.  I chose this major because as a child I loved school.  I used my education to homeschool my own children and then to teach at the schools they attended in Jr. and Sr. High School.  I’ve used it to write curriculum and teach classes and special programs at church.  And it has been very helpful training as I have worked on extra-curricular projects like my grammar and states workbooks.  Married for 40 years to my husband Cary, we have 2 adult children who, along with their spouses, have provided us with four beautiful grandchildren.  Our oldest grandchild has just reached the point in his schooling where he can serve as a test-market subject for my projects.    I currently serve as the Communications Coordinator for my church, Bethel Christian Fellowship, in St. Paul.


Coming in October, 2019: Guideposts' All God's Creatures 

which will include several of my devotions, each with an animal theme. I'll keep you posted about the release date.

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