Frameable Poetry

Have you ever been looking for just the right gift to give to someone that will bless them and show them how much you are thinking of them?  How about the gift of a heart-felt poem like one of the options on this page?



The Best Presence Ever
The Best Presence Ever (2).jpg
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Son of God, Son of Man
Son of God Son of Man.pdf
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Patterns--Blue Snowflakes (2x3)
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Patterns--Red (2x3)
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Patterns--Green (2x3)
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Soul Sisters (5x7)
Soul Sisters.pdf
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Blessing (4x6)
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2020, 2021, and working on the 2023 book, which include several of my devotions, each with an animal theme. Also find my work in Guideposts' One-Minute Daily Devotional, published in 2021.

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