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GRAMMAR:  If you have already purchased the student edition of Cure for the Obscure, and find that you need the answer key you can download the pdf version HERE for just $1.99.  If you would like me to mail you a copy, you can order it below.


HISTORY:  You can order copies of the States worksheets below (Sets 1 and 2 or a bundled version of both), and I will mail them to you, OR you can go HERE and download pdfs of the worksheets at the cost of $1 per state.  Each state includes two pages of puzzles and two pages of the answer key.


DEVOTIONAL:  Special website launch pricing available on my two Christian poetry/prose books purchased below.  You will save $6 on "A Little Bit of Life" and $3 on "Harvest of my Heart."

Cure for the Obscure

(Answer Key only):  $1.99



Cure for the Obscure

Student edition   $14.99


Palindromes, oxymorons, redundancy, toponyms, anagrams, and more . . .  Exercises that will help your student make sense of some of the more obscure parts of speech in the English language.

Cure for the Obscure

(10 book discount):  $11.99 each

Enjoy a 20% discount for classroom use when purchasing 10 or more copies of the student workbook. Minimum order of 10 workbooks, with increments of 1 or more allowed after that requirement has been met.

Cure for the Obscure

Teacher edition:   $16.99


This version includes all of the student worksheets and the answer key.

States - Set #1:  $14.99


The first 13 American Colonies to achieve statehood (from Delaware to Rhode Island).

States - Set #2:   $11.99


The next ten states, which left the balance between Union and Confederate States uneven (Vermont-Maine). The 24th state joined the USA as the 12th Confederate State (Missouri).  Stay tuned . . .

States Set - Bundle (#1 & #2):  $24.95


This is a bundle of Set #1 (Delaware to Rhode Island) and Set #2 (Vermont to Maine).

Harvest of My Heart:  $11.95


Poetry and prose that will enable you to think about life and people and creation and God in a fresh, new way.

A Little Bit of Life:  $7.95


Thought provoking poetry which covers a wide range from serious to humorous, and includes both rhyme and free-flowing formats.

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