To purchase my poetry books you can contact me at  A Little Bit of Life is my first book, published in 2005 by Beavers Pond Press and can be yours for $7.95.  This book will be out of print once my current supply is exhausted.  My second book is called Harvest of My Heart, published in 2011 by River City Press.  The cost is $11.95.  Go HERE to place your order.  Below are a few of my poems to encourage you in your walk with the Lord:


Begin each day with this in mind--

That your thoughts and actions will all be kind.


Lift others up to God in prayer;

That's a gift you can give that's beyond compare.


Exalt your God in every way

And praise Him in all that You do and say.


Surprise your friends with acts of joy

And deeds of love that you daily deploy.


Support those around you however you can

And encourage them with a helping hand.


Inquire of God His perfect will--

As you follow Him your spirit is filled.


Nestle your heart within God's hand

And be held by Him who helps you to stand.


Glorify Him who adores you

And become a clear channel He'll pour through.


Receive His blessing, reflect it back,

Then flow out to others--you're on the right track!



2 + 2 = 4

You'll find the Father's math to be both simple and complex.

It won't confound; it isn't something that is meant to vex.

Two plus two will always equal four, so here we go--

Do this math and God's own nature will begin to show.


2 leave your past behind you and 2 give up former ways

Is what you do when you 4-sake your nature and obey.


2 give up your resentment and 2 pardon someone's sin

Is how you can 4-give, through grace that God has placed within.


2 overlook a grievance, 2 omit the consequence

Is what you do when you 4-get another's grave offense.


2 strentghen those around you and 2 offer them support

Is what you do to 4-tify when help has fallen short.


A child will learn quite young that two plus two will equal four.

And all these fours will help propel you to God's open door.

Forsake your sin, forgive your friends, and then forget the pain,

And fortify your friendships with the love that you will gain.

A Fortress or a Force

If our intent is to defent our church and all within

Against attack from enemies who'd draw us into sin--

Then we must build a barrier to keep us free from harm,

With castle walls and parapets where guards sound the alarm.

We need a sturdy citadel where soldiers keep the peace,

Preventing agitation from the chance to be unleashed.

We must be a fortress, a protection for the fold

Against all worldly influence attempting to take hold.


BUT . . .

If we, instead, prefer to heed the Great Commissions's call,

We'll go out to our neighborhoods and share the Lord with all.

No matter what resistance is raised against this task,

He'll gladly give the strength of heart to all who simply ask.

He'll bless us with effectiveness, with energy and power,

And give us the ability to serve at any hour.

The choice is right before you--it's up to you.  Which course?

The fortress walls may keep you safe--I'd rather be a force!

My Father's Eyes

A lifetime ago the birth of a babe

Should have been a joyous affair.

Instead came the news of a mother’s death

And a father’s eyes filled with despair.


Over the years I longed for a look

From those eyes that would let me know

That I was enough to replace his loss,

But the sadness continued to grow.


I knew with my mind that his love was real –

But only because he MUST.

His grief was too heavy – his burden to bear;

His eyes never filled with trust.


My birthday was always a lonesome day –

A reminder of what he had lost.

And it seemed that his eyes reflected

How great and unfair the cost.


Year upon year had taken its toll

And his mind was no longer strong.

He couldn’t express his words or thoughts

And everything came out wrong.


Then came the day at the nursing home

When I stopped by to see my dad.

He saw me approach and his eyes lit with joy

And I knew that his heart was glad.


The look I had longed for was shining so bright

From the eyes of the one I held dear.

Soon the haze settled in and the look was gone

But my heart held the memory near.


For years I had waited, for years I had feared,

Not knowing that I was adored;

That the look of delight was there all along

In the eyes of my Father and Lord.


My dad, from the pain buried deep in his soul

Couldn’t share what was there in his heart.

But the look, had I noticed, from God’s tender gaze,

Was there from the very start.


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